Hi, I’m Jordana! 24 years old, originally from the suburbs of Detroit, but now I call Tel Aviv home. My defining features are my curly hair, love of tea, obsession with all things fluffy, my cat and all dogs (if given the opportunity I will pet any dog that comes close enough ♥).


I watch far too much television, eat way to much ice cream (Chubby Hubby for life), love to bake sweet treats and eat them and love reading. I hope to one day soon publish my own cookbook and a book of the fictional instead of cooking variety.
Here you’ll be following my triumphs and failures of trying to take charge of my life, my health and my weight and occasionally getting tasty recipes for your troubles.
The goal is to avoid unnatural refined sugars, excepting cheat day of course!
You can follow me on Instagram at @no.sugar.no.cry.