Crunch Time

Life has been a bit (okay I won’t lie, completely) nuts for the last couple of months. The boyfriend got into an amazing graduate school program, and after months of deliberation and arguments and, yes, indeed, some tears, we decided that this is an opportunity that just can’t be missed. And at the beginning of April we announced to our friends and family that we were going to start the next chapter in our story and will be moving to Austin, Texas. Then my parents were visiting and as they are foodies and we are foodies, we ate whatever we wanted. Then I had to double down at work, and then we went to Istanbul and before we knew it, it had been two months and I’d barely written a thing. Well now it’s crunch time: I have seven weeks before I get on that plane and move to Texas. My goal to be my skinniest healthiest self is well known, but I’d also like to start this new chapter of my life a bit farther down the road, and to impress my biggest supporters and strongest critics: my parents. They’ve watched me through the years as I’ve packed on the pounds, and I’d like to give them a surprise when they meet me at the airport. (Surprise, my parents are also moving to Austin and the real kicker is they were planning to move there before it was even on our radar).

So as I said, crunch time. I’m going to do my best in the next seven weeks to say goodbye to all my favorite spots in Tel Aviv, most of which are food related, and while doing that focusing on caloric intake, portion control, light exercise and you guessed it, eliminating sugar. Its going to be hard to say good bye to this marvelous city and its incredible food, but I know that in Austin I have BBQ and all sorts of goodies to explore and recreate sugar free.

Let the countdown begin.


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  1. I’m glad to know that you know that our support is always there, and critics? Really nice piece and we are looking forward to seeing you when you arrive in Texas no matter how you look.


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