My parents are in town, so I took a couple of days of vacation and to travel around the country. Huzzah! Adventure time! So this morning we rented a car and headed off to explore the desert. Our first stop was two hours outside of the city at the incredible Ramon Crater. We gawked for a full forty seconds and then drove down into the crater and explored a bit. Once we were done there we headed back up out of the crater and into the city of Mitzpeh Ramon, following signs leading to an alpaca farm! Once we got there we discovered that it was a combination farm, bed and breakfast, and petting zoo! We quickly paid the entrance fee and obtained our food pellets and ran up to the nearest alpaca trying to feed and pet them. (It turns out they’re very shy and so petting them turned out to be a bit of a difficulty.) The llamas were much more amenable and they were all incredibly soft and we had a marvelous time. The boyfriend admitted to feeling childlike glee and I have to admit I did too, and my father most certainly did when it was time to go he was the most difficult to get out the gate. My mom had a good time until she got on the bad side of a cranky alpaca. She tried to get out of the way but didn’t move quite fast enough and got spit upon. Unfortunately the boyfriend and I were downwind; no worries though the boyfriend inadvertently acted as a human shield for me (Yay me).

After we finally got my dad to exit stage left, we realized that with this (wonderfully fun) distraction we didn’t have enough time left in the day to go the waterfall at Ein Gedi, so with a quick Google search we found ourselves a desert winery to while away the rest of the day that was only an hour away. So we waved goodbye to the llamas and alpacas and goats and donkeys and camel (singular), and headed out for the Egyptian border. The winery was called Ramat HaNegev, and while it wasn’t the most exciting wine tour and they didn’t have a true boldness of flavor they were still quite good, and a fun way to spend an afternoon. In the end we bought four bottles and headed back towards our city life.

Now I know what you’re thinking: what a nice little story and all, but does this have anything to do with food? Well here’s the thing: even though there’s a lot of farmland in the desert, there’s not a whole lot of food for us to eat, so roadtrip snacks! Now everyone’s first thing is to go for the salty snacks and sugary candy bars but as I discovered today packing healthy snacks for a roadtrip isn’t really that hard. Today we noshed on apple slices, hardboiled eggs and parmesan cheese. We’ve got the sweet, the savory, and the filling all right there with no added sugar (And if you really, really, really want that chocolatey treat then I highly recommend this coconut fudge recipe). And it wasn’t even something we really thought about; it’s really just what we had in the house. A key part of eating healthy and sticking to this lifestyle is making sure that you are surrounded by healthy sugar free options that will fufill your cravings in a more nutritional way.


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