A Setback

So the last time you heard from me I was going to take the weekend and then start up a strict regimen avoiding sugar and couting calories. Well the weekend came and went and I entered the week with hope, but on the first day I succumbed to sugar cravings and threw calorie counting out the window. So I thought I’d start again the next day and a coworker brought in a sugary treat to celebrate the birth of his baby, and so my plans fell apart once again. This cycle of trying and failing continued over several days and then before I knew it a week had gone by. And I was tired and ashamed of my failure, so I let another week slip by.

Which brings us to where we are now, coming off of a two week sugar binge. Besides dealing with a plain old sugar addiction, I think a large part of the problem is that I tried to speed up my progress too quickly. After the 10 days sugar free that were far from stress free (what with pressure at work and meeting the boyfriends mom and the boyfriends mom staying with us, among a myriad of other things all while trying to surpress my sugar cravings). I thought giving myself the weekend would be enough of a pressure release but when it came time to implement the plan the idea of doubling down and adding counting calories to my regimen was doing too much too quickly.

This is a very important lesson. In exercise (which I admit I don’t have much experience with, hopefully that will change soon) if you push your body too hard, it becomes sore and you’re unable to exercise the next day, you go harder than that and it’s likely you’ll injure yourself. So why should it be any different with an action of will power? In other words I pushed myself to hard and when I tried to double down I no longer had the necessary will power so here I am at the begining again. This time I have a new plan, same as the old plan but with a few alterations. I’m obviously not ready for calorie counting so I’m going to try being sugarfree six days a week with Saturday being my cheat day, give that a trial run for two to four weeks and see how I do, if I’m successful I’ll add calorie counting in.

I’ve gone on and on about the benefits of living sugar free, I’m still not saying that it’s a cure all or that going sugar free will on its own allow me to lose weight but it is a healthier and better way of living, goodbye to the sugar highs and lows, a lessened risk of diabetes and so on and so forth. But one thing this lifestyle isn’t, is easy. Sugar is delicious but is still an addiction and while we don’t need to worry about avoiding dealers on street corners, the dealers are innocent people, a coworker bringing in a treat, the office cookie jar, every aisle in the grocery store, any restuarant. Sugar is everywhere and even if you disregard the cravings for it, it is difficult to just go about living your life without ingesting some. At restuarants waitstaff will resent you for questioning the ingredients on every item on the menu, and no more buying anything without becoming intimatley aquainted with the nutrition label. These are just a few of the trials and tribulations associated with the sugarfree lifestyle, but it is worth it and I do believe it is a lifestyle that will lead me to being the best I can be health wise, and help me acheive the body I want to achieve, if I can stay strong and stick with it. This is going to take a lot of support, understanding and the ability to adapt for both me and my close friends and family. No longer will it be the vegetarian, or the friend with that weirdly rare allergy making having a meal together difficult anymore. I know it’s hard and I won’t always be at my best but I just hope that the world and myself are able to have a little paitience with me.

So here we go again, round two. It begins.



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