7 Days Down

Alright I’ve made it through the first week. I’ve cheated slightly with the natural sugars but no refined or added sugars have passed these lips. With only three days to the end of part one, the cleanse. it’s time to start thinking about how I want to handle what comes next. While I hope at the end of the 10 days I’ll have lost a pound or two, going sugar free isn’t necessarily synonymous with losing weight. Eventually I’ll plateau, because being sugar free is a lifestyle choice (one that allows me to be healthier for sure) not a weight loss solution.

The plan after wednesday (aka day 10) is add in natural sugars and avoid refined/cane sugar to the best of my ability, excepting my Saturday cheat day where all bets are off. Cutting sugar out of my regular diet means that I’m eating foods that are healthier, giving me a healthier body, with cleaner more sustainable energy instead of sugar spikes. But to lose weight I’m going to have to count calories on top of maintaining my healthier lifestyle. While cutting out sugar has been really difficult and the cravings have been pretty intense, this is really where it’s going to get hard. Because living this healthy lifestyle will be good for me, but despite being healthy it’s not going to get me to my goal weight.

On a side note, that is a very important distinction: being healthy and being skinny are not necessarily the same thing. They do have a tendency to complement each other, but that is not always the case and to my mind its much more important to be healthy than to be skinny. I will always put that first, which includes making sure I’m losing weight in a healthy way and at a healthy rate. And I while I am of the opinion that health is more important than being skinny, I am on a mission to have both in my life. So I have three days to figure out my strategy. One that will help me meet my goal weight, keep me healthy and will be something that I can sustain. Wish me luck.


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