Saying Goodbye to Sugar

At the beginning of every new year people make resolutions (usually ones they have no intention of keeping) but some people do manage to keep their resolutions and completely change their lives. Well, I’m a little bit behind considering it’s already almost March. Actually I’ll be honest, I’m years behind. I’ve been interested in this change for a very long time but something (a lack of willpower) has always gotten in my way. But the time has finally come: I’m sick of avoiding my own reflection, tired of going into stores and seeing a cute dress only to find out that they don’t carry it in my size, and tired of not going to the beach because I don’t want to be seen in a bathing suit. So after discovering health food guru Susan Jane White (can’t express how much love I have for this woman and her scrumptiously sassy writing style) last summer, where she discussed how what we eat is directly proprtional to how our bodies perform and the fact that we are far too reliant on wheat, dairy and sugar; and after earlier this month watching the documentary Fed Up, which explains how the food industry has vilified fat while secreting sugar into all our foods, I took their 10 day, no-added-sugar challenge. My goal at the time was not to lose weight, but rather to take my health into my own hands and fight a family history of diabetes. The results were incredible: I lost 6.6 pounds (which honestly was a little bit scary to lose so much in such a short period of time) and the real difference I noticed is how sluggish I felt when I put sugar back into my diet. It was also eye opening as to how much sugar is actually in everything; it’s absolutely insane! There is sugar in your store-bought plain old pasta! There is really no reason for there to be sugar in pasta. The biggest lesson was that sugar is the devil! Ok, so maybe it’s not the devil, but its definitely not a friend to your body and yet it is in so much of everything we eat! So after a quick belated birthday weekend trip to Athens (where I promptly gained back all the weight due to the incredible food) and a week of getting back into the swing of things back home, here we are again and I’m a woman with a plan.

Today on February 27th, 2017 I am 189.8 pounds. My goal is that in one year from now I will be between 120-135 pounds. It might take a little longer but I hope with the right diet and exercise it will be that or less.

Here’s the plan: I’m going to do the 10 day sugar cleanse again to prep my body for this massive change in lifestyle. After the 10 days are up, I’ll continue avoiding sugar but will add back in natural sweeteners such as honey, and of course in order to keep up morale, I’ll have a weekly cheat day where I can eat what I like. I’m a foodie, so my goal is to take this restrictive diet and make it as painless as possible by making a lot of my own food and trying to make it as interesting and delicious as possible! Luckily my boyfriend’s cooking skills are out of this world so he’ll be helping me out a lot.

I started the diet yesterday, but today is the first chance I’ve had to write a blog post, and already I have a dilemma: this isn’t the most convenient time to start this diet. My boyfriend’s mother is flying halfway around the world to visit him, explore the beautiful city of Tel Aviv, and meet me for the very first time. (Really missing that bar of chocolate right now). But here’s the thing: it’s never going to be a convenient time. There will always be something happening, some excuse, so if not now, then when. I really want to do this and I don’t want to put it off for two weeks, because I’m ready now. So I’ve come up with a compromise: for the 10 day cleanse portion of this, I’m going to be a little more forgiving to myself. Breakfast, lunch, and my days in the office will follow the guidelines to the letter, and after 6pm whenever possible I will stick to the rules, but if something comes up I won’t deny myself a natural sweetener, although I will be strictly avoiding all refined sugars. But even if I mess up, the key is to keep going and not get tripped up on the little mistakes. I want to keep the big picture in mind.

I don’t know what brought you to this site. Maybe you were looking for weight-loss inspiration, or just looking to put healthier foods into your body, or just found it interesting, but here’s what you’ll find here. For the first ten days (the cleanse portion) I’m going to post everyday. Some days it’ll be my thoughts on how the diet is going, on others my struggles, and on others my successes. And when I think I’ve stumbled onto particularly good recipes I’ll share them with you. On busy days or when I have nothing to say I’ll just update you on what I ate that day, even when I fall of the wagon.

I’m sure there will be occasional guest appearances from my personal chef and boyfriend (who I really need to think of a good code name for), and of course from our ridiculous and strange but adorable cat Meshugana (means crazy in Yiddish, trust me he earned the name) otherwise known as Mushman (his anti-hero name), Mushy, and the Mush. Of course, pictures from our Instagram account will also be posted here showing my progress over time and some of the prettier looking food creations.

So I guess those are the basics, and you’ll get to know me more as I go on this journey. Thank you for supporting me and I hope that maybe there’s someone out there that will see my story and will be encouraged to try out some of the healthy lifestyle habits I’m trying to pick up. So good luck to both of us.


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